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Our attorneys are dedicated to providing the best available counsel to the petroleum industry. We have extensive knowledge of the law as it relates to all types of issues arising in the area of oil and gas.

Oil and Gas Title Opinion Law Firm

Rendering Detailed and Accurate Title Opinions for Energy Companies of All Sizes

Peissel Law Firm, L.L.P. has worked with numerous businesses in rendering complex oil and gas title opinions. With an exclusive focus on energy and land title, our legal team excels at analyzing the details surrounding mineral rights interests and other nuanced property law scenarios. We understand the time-sensitive nature of the industry and work accordingly. While there are varying types of title opinions, the documents can be tailored to meet the needs of each client. When you work with us, your title opinions will be meticulously prepared and your legal rights as a property owner or an energy company will be protected.

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Peissel Law Firm has helped hundreds of oil & gas clients over the years. Contact us to schedule a confidential consultation.

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We Represent Clients in the Following

Title Opinions

Oil and Gas Title Opinions

For over 14 years, Peissel Law Firm has provided meticulously comprehensive oil and gas title opinions to exploration and production companies in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and North Dakota.

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Expert Witness

Serving as an Expert Witness in Oil and Gas Title Disputes

As global energy demand has continued to grow year after year, Texas has been at the forefront of meeting that demand.

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Solar Title Opinions

Utility scale solar plants are making massive bets in South Texas according to the U. S. Energy Information Administration (EIA).

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We Know the Oil & Gas Industry

Our firm has over a decade of experience in representing exploration and production companies, with a primary focus in rendering oil and gas title opinions. We have a significant title opinion practice which covers the States of Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Oklahoma.

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Managing Partner John C. Peissel has practiced in the area of oil and gas law for 14 years and has been Board Certified by in Oil, Gas and Mineral Law the Texas Board of Legal Specialization since 2010. He has extensive experience rendering complex oil and gas title opinions. Contact us to discuss your projects and how we may be able to assist you.

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